Nuova CMF

Turning, milling, mechanics of precision

ISO 9001:2015



The miller makes indeed a number of workmanships possible ample: perforations, roundings, cuts, rectifications, reamings.

Types of cutters

Cylindrical cutter from spianatura, cylindrical Cutter from cut, Cutter troncoconica, spherical Cutter, Cutters of particular forms: conic, elliptic, to point and of all the most disparate forms


Automotive, fashion, dental, pneumatic, modelling, aeronautical, naval, military industry, and however in all that sectors where the minuteria finds employment


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The milling sector of the Nuova CMF represents the cornerstone point of our firm. The service of milling allows us to answer to manifold demands, being able us to count on workmanships that vary from the 2 aces to the 5 aces in continuous. During the years the firm is provided of equipments by cutter to the state-of-the-art one as the Doosan DMN 5700 4 and 5 aces and DNM 400 that they already place side by side him to ours advanced machineries, with the purpose to work the different materials, from the plastics to the steels, understood the steel high speed, all the brass types, copper, bronze, titanium.

The machine park disposition , rigorously to numerical control, it is organized for the production of details of the most disparate dimensions. The match among our program CAM, the highly qualified staff, composed exclusively from planners on board car and the business layout, it allows to answer to productive demands of the most disparate, answering to demands of production of single pieces and important lotteries of production without twisting our organizational structure.For the process of milling, the choice of the utensil of cut and the material is an important factor to get an optimal efficiency. The CMF provides several tools and milling materials to cover a wide range of applications from flattening and shoulder a special milling process and that's why over the years has become one of the major precision machine shops in Rome and Lazio,



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