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Turning, milling, mechanics of precision

ISO 9001:2015


Turning External / Inside

With the external turning the material is removed by the external part of the piece, with the inside turning, he works inside a piece cable.

Types of Turning

According to the form that must have the worked piece, it will speak of plain turning, cylindrical, conic, helical or outlined.


Automotive, fashion, dental, pneumatic, modelling, aeronautical, naval, military industry…


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The turning is one of the workmanships principal activities of the Nuova CMF, leader among the mechanical shops of precision to Rome and in the Lazio, in degree of realization of particular mechanics of precision on sketch of the client, producing note component turned on different typologies of material as to es. steel, included the steel high speed, all the brass types, copper, bronze, titanium, material plastic as to example: PVC, Delrin

Technology and Reliability to the first place

Nuova CMF turning uses of the most modern technologies and of the most advanced machine for professional turning. The efficiency of machine of last generation as to example: CNC DECO 10, CDC DECO 20, and the MORI SECKI model DURATURN 2550 allow the firm to reach notable results both in terms of precision, that for speed of workmanship. All the turning operations are highly developed by qualified personnel in degree to guarantee the maximum one some efficiency in terms of performances and surrender.
To satisfy the client is our objective principal.


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