Nuova CMF

Turning, milling, mechanics of precision

ISO 9001:2015



Workmanships mechanical account third of turning of precision and steel stainless workmanship and materials as alloyed steels, aluminum and other metals.


Workmanship from bars of all the materials from 1 to 60 mm in small, averages, great series, also participating in the phase of product planning.


Automotive, fashion, dental, pneumatic, modelling, aeronautical, shipbuilding, military industry, however in all that sectors where the precision small parts the finds employment.

Why choose us

Nuova CMF is specialized in the sector of the workmanships mechanical account third of turning and milling  of precision. We can realize particular mechanics, like precision small parts, small and averages dimensions, we perform perforations and marking, and we work all the types of materials like  steel, included the high speed steel, all the brass types, copper, bronze, titanium, material plastic as for example: PVC, Delrin. We are experienced in the workmanship from bars of any material, with a diameter from 1 to 60 mm, with productions in series of averages and great quantities. All the operations of turning and milling are developed and followed by personal highly qualified in degree to guarantee a product of quality and that it respect the needs of the Client since the first phases of planning. The particular efficiency of our professional machines for  turning and milling, it has allowed to the firm to achieve notable results in terms of precision and speed of workmanship. The first materials used for the production are of high quality and all certified, to guarantee that the performed workmanships are conforming to the client's needs.


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