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Meccanica News April 2016

"Mecspe represents for us a new experience, because we participate as exhibitors for the first time. We don't have therefore terms of comparison but, talking to some colleagues, it seems a common denominator to recognize a great optimism, desire to do and great cultured interest among the visitors, in comparison to the past editions. Contemplated curiosity and it specifies that in these days for us turned  into very concrete contacts. This doesn't do anything else other than make us satisfied to have chosen Parma as sounding board for us further to know the territory. "
The Nuova C.M.F. it is specialized in the sector of the workmanships mechanical account third of turning and milling of precision. We can realize particular complexes in small and averages dimensions and work steel stainless and materials like alloyed steels, aluminum and other metals. We are experienced in the workmanship from bars of any material, with a diameter from 1 to 60 mm, with productions in series of averages and great quantities.
All the operations of turning and milling are developed and followed from personal highly qualified in degree to guarantee a product of quality and that respects the applications of the Client since the first phases of planning.

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