Nuova CMF

Turning, milling, mechanics of precision

ISO 9001:2015



Nuova C.M.F. Srl: Not just turning and milling of precision


Expert in the workmanships mechanical account third, Nuova C.M.F. continuous to invest in technology and specialized equipments of production, with the purpose to satisfy elevated demands in terms of quality and complexity more and more.
"To the already ample and diversified park cars. confirmation Alessia Argentini, unique administrator of the firm. it will be added to brief a new plant, that aims to subsequently raise our competitiveness. A concrete operational answer to the positive comparisons more and more coming from the market and from the sectors from us served."
Sectors like the mechanics, the electronics, the agricultural instrumentations, the medical equipment, the shipbuilding industry, aeronautics and military that see, in the firm, a qualified partner to which to address for getting versatile and functional products in numerous typologies of materials (from the plastic materials to the metals, with also the possibility to combine together some of it).
To her second participation to Mecspe, Nuova C.M.F. believes that the event is a key in terms of visibility.
"This year, still more than the last edition. continuous Argentini. we have noticed a great number of contacts and interest since the first day. Interested firms to our activity, to our type of production that  sees in the precision and elevated quality, the main hallmarks."

Turning and milling account third Rome Italy